San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water 500ml

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Dietary Information: Kosher

Typical Values Typical Analysis (mg/L)
Sulphate SO₄²⁻ 401
Bicarbonate HCO₃⁻ 244
Calcium Ca²⁺ 166
Chloride Cl⁻ 49.6
Magnesium Mg²⁺ 49.5
Sodium Na⁺ 30.0
Silica Risudue SiO₂ 7.3
Strontium Sr²⁺ 2.9
Nitrate NO₃ 2.8
Potassium K⁺ 2.1
Fluoride F⁻ 0.5
Pavia, 20/06/2018
Total Dissolved Solids (at 180°C): mg/L 853
pH at the source: 7.7

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